Taylor Eagles  

Captain J. M. Hendry


This company was called into the service by the governor, on the 28th day of October, 1861.Studing the pension records of men who were in this company, it would seem this unit was together about 3 months before being disbanded. Private James Devane says in his pension records that the unit went from Tallahassee to Saint Marks then to Fernandina, where it was disbanded. In a 1961 letter to the comptrollers office seeking information on an ancestor, Dr. Wilson Hendry states it is his understanding that the company reported at Fernandina, but was ordered back home because they had  an insufficient number to form a complete company. Pension records also show that many of the "Taylor Eagles" reenlisted in the 5th Florida Infantry.


This muster roll is from the publication "Soldiers of Florida"