Gathering of Citrus County Confederate Veterans

Back row L-R; Mrs. George Dame of Inverness, W. H. H. Witten of Inverness, Reverend Eugene Higgins of Floral City, J. C. Priest of Stage Pond, Richard B. Waller of Istachatta, George W. Butler the Chronicle editor in Inverness, Charles Peterson of Floral City, Obediah E. Edwards, Red Level and J. J. Brown.

Center row L-R: Mrs. Louis Thompson, E. Y. Smith of Micanopy, Mercy of Floral City, Jacob T. Landrum of Stage Pond, Euguene Zimmerman of Floral City, Chambers Graham of Inverness and Alfred Tompkins of Inverness.

Bottom row L-R: Mrs. George J. Boswell and George Priest.
(Florida State Archives)