1864 Operations of
Company C 29th Battalion Georgia Cavalry
In Taylor County, Florida


   This Company left Camp Lamar Cobb the 9th of January 1864, marched 40 miles that day and encamped at Camp Smith near Tallahassee, Florida. They left Camp Smith on the 20th of January and marched 15 miles and bivouacked near station #2 (Loyd, Florida) on the P&G railroad. The company left station #2 on the morning of the 21st marching 15 miles and arriving at Monticello, Florida at 2pm. It left Monticello at 7am on the 22nd and marched 20 miles to reach Camp Tolo near Station # 5 on the P&G Railroad (Station # 5 is present day Greenville, Florida) It remained at Camp Tolo 8 days. The company left Camp Tolo on the morning of February 1st and marched 20 miles reaching Camp Wild Cat Church in Madison County Florida at 3pm. ( Wild Cat church is the present day Fellowship Primitive Baptist Church.)
   They bivouacked at that place and a scout of 20 men was sent to Hampton Springs in Taylor County, Florida, under command of 1st Lieutenant W. C. H. Rainey. The Scouts reached Hampton Springs at 5pm on the same day and bivouacked for the night. A detachment of 2 men were sent back to Camp Wild Cat Church as a wagon guard on the morning of February 5th. The detachment was bushwhacked at Live Oak Creek in Taylor County at about 8a.m., one man was killed and another severely wounded. The scout detachment left Hampton Springs that night at 11pm and marched back and joined the Company at Camp Wild Cat Church. On the morning of February 8th the Company went on a scouting mission in the direction of Hampton Springs and scouted for 2 days in the country around Hampton Springs. No enemy was found. They bivouacked on the night of the 10th near Jenkins Mill (1/2 mile below Rocky Creek Rise 1) in Taylor County. The next morning the Company marched 20 miles and reached Station #5, P&G railroad at 4pm. They bivouacked there till the morning of February 17th and marched 16 miles reaching Mosley Hall in Madison County at 2pm. The company remained camped at Mosley Hall 6 days.

   On the morning of the 23rd the company marched 11 miles reaching Camp Linton in Madison County at 1pm. They encamped there until the morning of March 2nd when a detachment of 40 men under command of Captain F. J. Browning went on a scout down the Econfina River in Taylor County. They scouted the country and coast for 5 days. One deserter, who had deserted from the company, was captured. They returned to Camp Linton on the evening of March 7th. The Company left Camp Linton on the morning of March 30th and went on a scout in Taylor, Lafayette and Levy counties for 30 days. They skirmished with the enemy (supposed to be deserters) on the morning of April 10th, 2 men were severely wounded. The Company marched 15 to 60 miles a day, returning to Camp Linton on April 29, 1864.

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(Field and Staff Muster Rolls)

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